Disaster and Community Resilience Programme (DCRP)

This programme will lead SPC efforts to help operationalise the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP) through the provision of coordinated technical support to our members.

The programme aims to support Pacific countries and territories to achieve sustainable development through evidence based action & partnerships for resilience, demonstrated through integrated action on disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, natural resource management & increased access to water and sanitation. 

Our key work focuses on resilient development, water security, improved understanding of hazards and risks, water resource assessment & monitoring, emergency and disaster management, climate and disaster financing, environmental and climate resilience actions supported by knowledge management, communications and behaviour change programmes. 

Our Objectives

The Disaster and Community Resilience Programme is organised to achieve five main outcomes supported by specific results and indicators:

  1. Productive partnerships and good governance for resilience;
  2. Targeted investments for resilience;
  3. Improved understanding of risk and resources;
  4. Strengthened capacity to manage both risk and disaster events; and
  5. Effective communications and behavioural change.

Who is DCRP?

The programme brings together the previously named Water and Sanitation Team, Disaster Risk Programme, Ridge to Reef Programmes, together with several Climate Change Adaptation projects to form a fully integrated team of specialists, practitioners and project managers. 

It supports every stage of disaster risk management including increasing preparedness of our members and communities through investments in resilience, disaster reduction, capacity development, and policy development. This also ensures increased response support, and recovery to ensure the region continues to become more resilient to the hazards and risks posed by disasters and climate change.


    SPC is the regional agency mandated to support Pacific SIDS efforts in water, sanitation and hygiene, and Disaster Risk Management. As these areas of work are inextricably linked, the newly merged DCRP Programme ensures effective integrated based solutions to support increased resilience before, during, and after disaster whilst supporting long-term climate change adaptation.

    As we develop our integrated programme site please see more information on the work done by our team here: http://gsd.spc.int