Geoinformatics Section

GEM Geoinformatics Section provides integrated demand-driven services (such as remote sensing data analysis around optical satellite data, radar, LiDAR, development of geospatial databases, web mapping, spatial information analysis, systems development and related capacity building) across the SPC work programmes, projects and countries to ensure that essential and relevant spatial data and information is generated, processed, derived analysis and management systems are operational and that the necessary support is available to underpin the delivery of the technical work programmes, and assist with SDG goals.

These geospatial data services are essential to monitor and respond to natural resource use, disaster, oceans and marine, climate and infrastructure challenges within Pacific Island Countries, as it enables sound decision making within a geospatial context, which in turn has demonstrable quality of life impacts. The demand for data management technical services, especially geospatial data, is continually increasing with the need for increasingly large databases to monitor and respond to natural resource use challenges.

Demand for geoinformation management services also responds to the need to ensure effective information and knowledge transfer across the region. Primarily, geoinformation management work includes development of systems and software to underpin information sharing and links across Pacific Island Countries and Territories and other key stakeholders, as well as technical advice to programmes and member countries. The section is the result of a merger between the division's ICT for Development Section and the GIS and Remote Sensing Section.

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