Georesources and Energy Programme

Our Georesources and Energy programme is committed to understanding and leveraging the use of our key geophysical resources in the Pacific to ensure sustainability and reduction of environmental impact.  

The leading technical agency in supporting Green Economy, the programme is committed to reducing our carbon impact of existing energy networks and usage and developing more sustainable energy networks into the future. 
Our work is committed to utilising technical knowledge in the areas of geoscience including marine and land minerals, geo-engineering investigations, geophysics and geological assessments and management of data to support decision making.  This knowledge also informs the development of sustainable energy opportunities to improve the lives and livelihoods of Pacific Communities.  

Our work is underpinned by the concept of Green Economy supported by the Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific (FAESP) and Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP).  

Through its various assistance and partnership initiatives in governance and policy, technical assessment, capacity development and data strengthening, GEP looks to contribute to the sustainable and resilient development goals of the region.

Our Objectives

The Geo-Resources and Energy Programme is organised to achieve three main outcomes supported by specific results and indicators:

  • Good Governance for PICT Geo-Resources and Energy
  • Quality Technical Assessments in Geo-Resources and Energy 
  • Capacity Development in Geo-Resources Management and Sustainable Energy 


The Georesources and Energy Programme brings together the Economic Development Division and our Georesources team.  The inextricable links between understanding and use of Pacific georesources and their link to the development of sustainable energy systems ensures the programme effectively integrates along each stage of the supply cahin.  This model ensures increased support for our members to understanding, protect and manage these resources sustainably. 

As we develop our integrated programme site please see more information on the work done by our team here: