Climate Adaptation in Atolls

Development Objective 1 - Strengthen sustainable management of natural resources

Understanding the behaviour of a fresh groundwater lens in an atoll has resulted in improved water security for the community of South Tarawa, Kiribati, that relies upon it.

Tide Prediction Calendars Save Lives

Development Objective 5 - Improve multi-sectoral responses to climate change and disasters

Many Pacific Island livelihoods rely on ocean and coastal activities that are affected by the highs and lows of daily tides. Fewer people realise, however, that accurate tide predictions are only available for a select few ports across the region.

Let’s talk about sand, gravel and rock in the Pacific

Natural aggregates such as sand, gravel, and limestone are critical for infrastructure but globally these resources are becoming more difficult to access.  Mismanagement of these finite resources along with increased environmental impacts can occur if the resources are not managed effectively and examples of this are becoming common globally. 

Improving access to sustainable water and greener electricity supply in Kiritimati Island

New water and electricity supply schemes have been officially opened on Kiritimati Island, providing greener energy sources and improving access to clean drinking water for the local hospital and more than 400 households in the communities of Tennessee and Ronton.

Refusing to disappear: Tukuraki Village Relocation in Fiji (Video)

The remote village of Tukuraki in the highlands of the Ba Province in Fiji was destroyed more than 5 years ago by a landslide which tragically took the lives of a young family.  More than 80 per cent of the village was decimated and as a result the community were forced to evacuate their traditional land, at risk of further landslides.

Framework for a Resilient Development in the Pacific (Video)

Pacific Island countries and territories are extremely vulnerable to climate change and natural hazards, which are major challenges for the development aspirations of the people of the Pacific and their environment. 

The region’s recent experiences of category 5 Tropical Cyclones, including TC Winston in 2016, and TC Pam in 2015, along with numerous other events, reinforce the need for action on climate change and disaster risk management to be better understood, planned for, funded and coordinated at local, national, regional and international levels.