Oceans and Maritime Programme

The Pacific Ocean is the largest and most diverse in the world and its management and understanding is critical to ensure Pacific People can live prosperous lives. Our Oceans and Maritime Programme helps create, understand, and apply the technical and scientific knowledge to ensure sustainable management of the Ocean can be met.

Our members face many challenges balancing the need to harness the seas and ocean for sustainable growth whilst fostering conversation of resources and sustainable use into the future.  This programme assists members through integrated programmatic approaches with services that break down the science to inform evidence based decision making and better policy. 

It also assists in developing technical solutions to a healthier ocean including maritime governance, management, capacity development, and understanding of what the science means for Pacific People in the future.

Our key areas of work support our members to know their maritime boundaries, rights and responsibilities over sea areas, support sustainable and safe maritime practices, work to reduce carbon footprints from transport, develop monitoring tools and equipment to inform countries, understand hazard risk and impact from disasters and the impact of climate change, and support opportunities for women and youth to be engaged in ocean and maritime sectors.


The Oceans and Maritime Programme is organised to achieve four main outcomes supported by specific results and indicators:

  • Good Oceans and Maritime Governance; 
  • Sustainable Maritime Transport and Safe Navigation;
  • Strengthened Ocean and Coastal Monitoring and Prediction Services;
  • Improved Ocean and Maritime Literacy and Capacity

As we develop our integrated programme site please see more information on the work done by our team here: http://gsd.spc.int and http://edd.spc.int and oceanportal.spc.int and mtccpacific.spc.int