Programme Areas

CaptionThe newly merged Geoscience, Energy, and Maritime Division supports Pacific Countries and Territories by developing critical data, applied science, and technical solutions to overcome challenges faced by our members.

We work in partnership with countries to better understand the challenges whilst supporting and developing innovative solutions to overcome some of the greatest risks faced by this region. 

Our four main pillars are:

    1. Disaster and Community Resilience Programme
    2. Georesources and Energy Programme
    3. Oceans and Maritime Programme
    4. Programming, Performance and Systems

Firstly, our Disaster and Community Resilience Programme has recently expanded to holistically include disaster risk management, water and sanitation, climate change governance and finance, catastrophe insurance for Pacific Governments, and biodiversity ecosystem based approaches to the overarching challenges we face. 

Secondly, our Georesources and Energy programme is committed to understanding and leveraging the use of our key geophysical resources to ensure sustainability and reduction of environmental impact whilst working to reduce the carbon impact of our existing and developing energy networks.  

Thirdly, our Oceans and Maritime programme is committed to monitoring and understanding our Pacific Ocean to better inform forecasting, hazard and risk, maritime safety, safe and sustainable use of our ocean, its health, and the impact this has on our communities.  

Finally, underpinning all of this work is our Programming, Performance, and Systems programme developing the systems, tools, and operational support to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the core delivery of work.