Pacific people are custodians of more than 28 million kilometres of ocean across our region.  This accounts for 20% of the world’s combined exclusive economic zones.  

Understanding and managing this vast Blue Pacific to ensure it is sustainable for future generations whilst benefiting the lives and livelihoods of Pacific people is at the heart of our Oceans & Maritime Programme. We work to understand our Blue Pacific whilst supporting the safe and sustainable use of our seas and oceans across a broad array of key focus areas.


Balancing the need to harness the ocean for sustainable growth whilst fostering conversation of resources and sustainable use into the future is at the core of our work across our Oceans & Maritime Programme.  This programme assists members through integrated programmatic approaches with services that break down the science to inform policy and evidence based decision making. 

It also assists in developing technical solutions to lead towards a healthier ocean inlcuding maritime governance, management, capacity development and understanding what the science tells us for the future generations of our vast Pacific region. 

Our key focus areas include maritime boundaries, rights and responsibilities over sea areas, support for safe maritime practices, reducing of carbon footprints from transport, understanding hazard and risks caused by disasters and the growing impacts of climate change. 


Oceans & Maritime Governance
Safe and Sustainable Maritime Transport
Ocean and Coastal Monitoring & Forecasting
Ocean and Maritime Capacity & Understanding

Key areas

Maritime Boundaries
Ocean Literacy
Sustainable Oceans
Sustainable Maritime Transport & Safe Navigation
Hazard and Risk Understanding
Green Ports & Transport