The Pacific Women in Energy Conference provides for a timely opportunity to reactivate the Pacific Energy and Gender (PEG) Network, a means of sharing  of lessons and best practices in harnessing the economic and gender equality benefits that renewable energy presents. This reinvigoration of PEG Network builds on the earlier phase, which mission to uphold the mandate of regional policy and programmatic framework on gender and sustainable development to ensure active, meaningful, and inclusive participation of all members of Pacific society particularly women in the planning and development of clean energy sector.

The Conference is al so an impetus to launch PEG Network Strategic Gender Action Plan (PEGSAP) which offers guideline for gender mainstreaming in the energy sector across the Pacific. Integral to the launch of PEGSAP is the setting up of a Regional Steering Committee, a coordination mechanism at the regional level to provide oversight of the delivery of PEGSAP at country level and ensure relevant linkages and complementarity with external initiatives and stakeholders.

This conference will be held at the Holiday Inn in Suva from the 4th-6th of October, 2022.