The Pacific region is made up of 98% ocean. Understanding the reliance and interconnectedness of physical processes such as waves, tides, currents, coastal process and the impacts caused are key to long-term adaptation strategies and applied solutions for Pacific peoples. This work is underpinned by a team of physical oceanographers and technical capacity who study, develop and apply relevant solutions to overcome the challenges posed by disasters, climate change, wave inundation and ineffective coastal management. 

The technical expertise focuses on three broad areas namely: Coastal inundation hazard assessments & risk. This includes understanding the likelihood of cyclone, tsunami and swell driven hazard and the impact on coastal communities. Development of ocean forecast systems.  The development of high- resolution ocean & inundation forecast systems that provide accurate, timely and actionable information. These systems are tailored to support Pacific meteorological services and response agencies by providing science-based information on ocean conditions and coastal inundation events 7-days in advance. Coastal monitoring and management. Integrated coastal monitoring programmes including real-time ocean observation to assist decision-makers in understanding, predicting and developing more informed ocean and coastal policies