The Project was originally established to assist Pacific countries to obtain greater certainty on the limits of their exclusive economic zones (EEZs) to support fisheries management and enforcement. The Project has supported the successful declaration of 19 shared boundaries between countries since 2001. This rate of progress is unprecedented elsewhere in the world. It underscores the strength of relationships between countries and partners as well as the commitment of all parties to progress this critical work. The Project supports and builds the capacity of 14 Pacific island countries and territories in all aspects of maritime boundaries work. The overall objective is aligned with priority one of the Framework for Pacific Oceanscape, which is to secure maritime jurisdiction rights and responsibilities. As the Project coordinator, SPC supports a range of activities including regional working sessions, workplace attachments, in-country workshops and placements, legal drafting, political advocacy, negotiations, technical assessments and field surveys. The Project is supported by a Consortium of partners including the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat, Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner, Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Geoscience Australia, Attorney Generals Department - Australia, University of Sydney, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), the Commonwealth Secretariat, GRID_Arendal, the European Union and Sweden.