Who we are

The newly merged Geoscience, Energy, and Maritime Division supports Pacific Countries and Territories by developing critical data, applied science, and technical solutions to overcome challenges faced by our members. We work in partnership with countries to better understand the challenges whilst supporting and developing innovative solutions to overcome some of the greatest risks faced by this region.

Our Work

Our division builds on almost 50 years of experience and expertise used to develop effective and innovative solutions to respond to the challenges faced by Pacific Island Countries and Territories. Geoscience, Energy, and Maritime Division consists of four key programmes generating holistic, integrated, and relevant solutions to inform decision making and effective planning for our members.

Our Programme Areas

We seek to maintain a reputation for excellence as the region’s principal provider of geoscientific services within the Pacific

Disaster and Community Resilience

Disaster and Community Resilience Programme

Georesources and Energy

Georesources and Energy Programme

Oceans and Maritime

Oceans and Maritime Programme