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About Us

Our division encompasses almost 50 years of expertise used to develop effective and innovative solutions to respond to the challenges faced by Pacific Island Countries and Territories. GEM consists of four key programmes generating holistic, integrated, and relevant solutions to inform decision making and effective planning for our members.

As endorsed by our Leaders, the Division works to create increased understanding of our Ocean, our vulnerability & risk, our resources, and environment. We support development of strategic policy and technical advice, development of investments in resilience, project management, partnership brokering and coordination, whilst supporting increased capacity development and effective use of scientific data to better inform decisions.

Our key sectors consist of holistic and integrated approaches to environmental, climate, and disaster resilience covering areas such as coastal protection and management, geohazard assessments, risk insurance and financing, disaster risk and emergency management, Pacific Ocean monitoring, forecasting, maritime safety, sustainable use of shipping, existing and renewable energy solutions, water and sanitation, and maritime boundary demarcation and negotiation.

GEM History

Our newly formed GEM Division encompasses more than 46 years of expertise and scientific data used to develop effective and innovative solutions to overcome the challenges faced by Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

Originally formed as the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) in 1972, the team was then successfully integrated into the Pacific Community (SPC) in 2011.

In 2017, the GEM Division was officially formed increasing its team by merging with the Economic Development Division of SPC bringing together Geoscience, Energy, and Maritime (GEM) under one area.

We work across all areas of geoscience relevant to the Pacific and this part of the earth including ocean understanding and monitoring, safe and sustainable maritime for the Pacific, disaster risk management and risk reduction, access to safe, sustainable, and effective water & sanitation for the region whilst supporting the development of relevant energy systems for the Pacific.

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