Improving access to sustainable water and greener electricity supply in Kiritimati Island


New water and electricity supply schemes have been officially opened on Kiritimati Island, providing greener energy sources and improving access to clean drinking water for the local hospital and more than 400 households in the communities of Tennessee and Ronton.

The upgrade of the Decca to London water supply system, which was funded by the European Union and the government of New Zealand, in partnership with the Government of Kiribati and Pacific Community (SPC), is part of a joint effort to bring secure safe and sustainable water supply for Kiritimati communities and increase economic development of the Island.

The water supply system incorporates the construction of three new infiltration galleries at the Decca groundwater reserve, twelve new solar pumping systems, a disinfection system, 250 thousand litres of water storage, and 4 km of pipeline connecting the improved supply to residents in Tennessee and London.

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