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To ensure effective integration of our work across the broad sectors and science, a new programme was developed bringing together Earth and Ocean Observation. Underpinned by geospatial and earth observation data, this programme supports our technical work and informs better understanding and use of relevant data across the Pacific. 

Through the use of digital technology and earth observation services our Earth and Marine Observation work helps understand the changes occurring to our planet and Blue Pacific region. 

This includes supporting the three technical programmes under the Division as well as direct support to Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) improve the access, capacity and use of integrated digital technology and earth observation tools. Using satelite data to track coastlines and the impact caused by disasters or climate change, understanding sea-level rise or mapping infrastructure before and after a disaster to determine affected areas quickly is core to the work completed by the programme. 

This includes GeoInformatics, GIS and Remote Sensing, Geospatial Data Management and informed Knowledge Management to ensure access to relevant information that helps show the changes to our Blue Pacific region. 

Key Areas

Strengthened GIS & Remote Sensing in the Pacific
Earth Observation
Geospatial Data Management
Knowledge Management for Use
Data Systems and Tools
Capacity Development