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Tuvalu is made up of nine small islands that are highly susceptible to the impact of climate change, natural disasters, and water-related hazards. Rainwater is the primary source of drinking water in Tuvalu, and so prolonged drought poses a risk to water security.

The Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Project is focused on reviewing and updating the Tuvalu National Water and Sanitation Policy 2012-2012, developing WASH Action Plans and Drought Management Plans for the atolls of Funafuti, Niutao, Nanumea and Nanumaga, with the intention of these being rolled out to all islands under future projects.

This project will also provide support to enable more accurate forecasting of water shortages and drought information, through data collection and the application of a RiskScape model which provides relevant information on households and community water storage levels, water stress levels on each island. Tailored water dashboards are being produced, which will assist community leaders and government decision-makers with planning, preparedness and response assessments in time of water shortages and drought.