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Kiribati benefit from South-South Collaboration initiative  

The Pacific Safety of Navigation project is delighted to share a recent highlight of its South-South Collaboration initiative. This initiative, falling under the capacity building thematic area, empowers participants from target countries to actively engage in ongoing activities, fostering continuous learning, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among the project team and staff from the various target Pacific Island countries. 

In response to the Government of Kiribati's request, specifically from the Marine Division, the project team accepted M. Eritaia Tauro, the Aids to Navigation Officer, as part of our country's mission to Tuvalu. This mission, which took place from the 23rd to the 27th of October 2023 in Funafuti, Tuvalu, revolved around the important Simplified IALA Risk Assessment (SIRA) activity conducted at the Funafuti Port. 

Throughout this productive week, the dedicated team engaged in a range of activities, including a stakeholder workshop.  It provided an invaluable platform for port users to identify and provide feedback on various navigational risks alongside measures to mitigate them effectively. Additionally, they conducted a comprehensive daytime inspection of the port area while being graciously invited for an evening tour of the harbour area aboard the MV Tala Moana. 

Mr. Eritaia Tauro said " During this remarkable collaboration, I had the privilege of sharing my experiences with the participants from Tuvalu. The focal point of my presentation was the maintenance of AtoNs, both in the prominent Betio port (International Port) and the remote outer islands of Kiribati. The significance of this knowledge sharing cannot be understated, as it directly impacts the safety and sustainability of maritime operations in our region." 

He also extended his heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable opportunity to participate in the South-South Collaboration capacity-building programme organised by the Pacific Community (SPC), under the Safety of Navigation Project and funded by the International Foundation of Aids to Navigation (IFAN).

SPC echoes the acknowledgement of Kiribati to IFAN for the continuous support of the SoN project which remains committed to nurturing collaboration, sharing expertise, and fostering safe navigation practices. The team anticipate further positive outcomes and continues to work collectively to ensure safe and efficient navigation for the Pacific Islands.